Royal Dolphin swimming pools ROYAL DOLPHIN GROUP

ROYAL DOLPHIN is a business association of swimming pool builders and providers of swimming pool equipment in Slovenia, Croatia ( Istria and Kvarner ) and at the border area near Italy ( Friuli Venice Julia ), and partly in countries of ex Yougoslavia ( Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro ).

Swimming pools and equipment

Members of ROYAL DOLPHIN swimming polls group are specialized companies with extensive experience of installing and supplying swimming pools and pool service products, wellness programs ( whirlpools, saunas,.. ) and automatic disinfection systems for maintaining the swimming pool water clean.

We supply ( installation, sale, wholesale ) all the necessary material and additional equipment to build and maintain all kinds of swimming pools, including all necessary products for care and disinfection of swimming pool and whirlpool ( hot massage pool ) water.

In addition to wholesale we make also all the installation work including supplying all the necessary material for private or public swimming pools regardless of size.

  • Swimming pool equipment for newbuildings - Prefabricated pools, Fiberglass pools, Vinyl Lined pools and equipment for Concrete pools
  • Hot massage pools - Whirlpools and massage- swimming pools.
  • Disinfection products and disinfection systems for swimming pools.
  • Additional equipment for swimming pools and surroundings and wellness centers.
  • Service supply with maintenance and rebuildings of private and public swimming pools.

More on different types and different ways of building a swimming pool you will find reading the internet pages of the association. Please contact our companies for every detailed information you might need:

  • Titro d.o.o.
  • Stotinka d.o.o.
  • Bazenska tehnika d.o.o.

Information on contacts you will find here.




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