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Manufacturing, supply and installation of swimming pools

Basic activity of the ROYAL DOLPHIN group companies is supply and installation of swimming pools of any type, sale of swimming pool equipment, and systems for disinfection and products for treatment of swimming pool water.

We developed our own production of retail material and fiberglass massage-swimming pools known in the market as SWIM-TRIM. These swimming pools are entirely our own idea and product.

Besides supply and installation we perform also all preparation works; we prepare technical solutions and advising not only for swimming pools but also for hydroisolation of roofs and basements. Majority of our activities is listed below.

Whole sale and retail | We offer | Production | Advising

Whole sale and retail of swimming pools

  • Complete programme of swimming pool equipment and accessories (elements to build-in, PVC connecting material, filtration systems, pumps, various massage systems, water heating systems, covers, movable roofs, etc… ) for public and private swimming pools.
  • Prefabricated pools ( prefabricated and fiberglass pools, whirlpools, massage pools ).
  • Inner coatings for swimming pools ( PVC liner, glass mosaics, pool tiles, etc… ).
  • Complete programme for disinfection of water in swimming pools and whirlpool, complete programme for disinfection and sanitizing of saunas, swimming pool surroundings, etc…, including supply and installation of automatic disinfection systems for private and public use.
  • Other products ( pool cleaners for public swimming pools WEDA, sports accessories for use in public swimming pools, systems for public fountains and water jets, etc ..... ) .

We offer

  • Installation of pools technique and equipment for private and public swimming pools.
  • Installation of fiberglass pools, whirlpools, prefabricated pools,…
  • Hydroisolation works with various PVC liners 1,5 mm ( pools, water tanks, water collectors, basements, roofs,… ) .
  • Planning and performance of big public water jets and fountains.
  • Service supplies, maintenance, adaptations, repairs, etc.. of private and public swimming pools.



  • Preparation of technical solutions for performance of swimming pools, fountains and water jets and various disinfection systems, etc…
  • Advising for investors how to approach to building a pool.
  • Advising for projectors on correct performance of works and installations at the projects. .
  • Advising on PVC pressure pipe installations.