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Which type of swimming pool should you choose?

Several types of swimming pools exist nowadays as well as modes of construction. Prefabricated pools are considered to be the cheapest; the concrete pools on the other hand are the most expensive ones, but at the same time these pools are considered to be of the best quality. Poliester pools and Vynil liner pools are somewhere in between.

The installation of prefabricated pools and poliester pools is quite simple and quick. We can build prefabricated pool in couple of hours. Concrete pools and vynil liner pools on the other hand are more demanding and the installation of these pools requires knowledge and more time.

Type of swimming pool and mode of construction have to be chosen individually regarding your needs, available space and place, your wishes and possibilities.

However we recommend that before the final decision you come to our premisses where we will inform you on advantages and weaknesses of different swimming pool types. Or we can visit you and on the basis of examination of the place where the pool should stand we help you to find the best decision.

We built and installed more than 800 swimming pools of all kinds and types larger than 8 x 4 m, including bigger swimming pools for public use.

In the year 2004 we delivered more than 1.000 prefabricated pool in Slovenia and Croatia.

You will find your nearest supplier and swimming pool constructor here.

Swimming pool types and modes of construction

There are many different types of swimming pools and building techniques. From the most simple above ground prefabricated swimming pools which we can make by ourselves, to bigger concrete pools where a lot of knowledge and experience is needed to build one.

You can find the basic characteristics of most common swimming pool types below. For detailed information please contact the nearest company of ROYAL DOLPHIN group and we will present you the particulars of each swimming pool type and we will advise you to choose a proper option.

Prefabricated pools | Polyester pools | Vinyl Liner pools | Concrete pools | Whirlpools | Swimming-massage pools SWIM-TRIM


Prefabricated swimming pools

There are two types of pre-fabricated pools: above ground pools at very favourable price which you can make yourselves in few hours by the "make it by yourself" system and inground pools with classical swimming pool equipment . You would hardly be able to build such a pool by yourselve. That's why you need professional help.


Above ground prefabricated swimming pool

Above ground prefabricated swimming pools

Above ground pools at the "make it by yourself" system are metal-walled and inner coated with PVC liner. The ground can be of grass, sand or concrete.

Choosing above ground prefabricated swimming pool makes you possible to create your own family bathing-place in few hours.

The kit usually contains the pool together with the water cleaning device and a ladder.


Inground prefabricated swimming pool

Inground prefabricated swimming pools

Pool walls are made of strong rolled steel plate. Then we install elastic blue PVC foil of thickeness 0,6 mm or even 0,8 mm.

Inground pools of round shape can be used also as above ground pools, or they can be partly or totally interated.

Oval pools can only be used as inground pools and need concrete or built side support walls.


Polyester swimming pool

Polyester swimming pools

Polyester pools can be of very unusual and attractive shapes because of the material they are made of. The installation is very simple as well as maintenance and have very good resistance to ageing. In spite of higher price polyester pool is taking over prefabricated pools.

Polyester pools can be of one piece - "monoblock", or can be made of two or more pieces - "modular" and put together at the building-site.

Vynil Liner swimming pool

Vynil Liner swimming pools

Vynil Liner pool is a "novelty" which is more and more popular. The walls can be made of different materials using various techniques and are built or put on concrete ground.

Wooden construction, concrete, siporex, stiropor blocks or bricks, steel plates of 2 mm thickeness with supporting elements and component plastic constructions which can be strenghtened with concrete, these are only few possible techniques.


Concrete swimming pool

Concrete swimming pools

Concrete pools are the first in quality among swimming pools and you can choose any shape you like. Concrete pools are usually lined with pool tiles or can be simply painted with special paint for pools.

Glass or plastic mosaics are lately more and more popular not only for the aesthetics but also because of some other good qualities.

Concrete swimming pools are still considered to be the best ( and the most expensive ones ); but every deficiency made during planning and construction can soon bring up difficulties and problems. That's why it is very important to make a good plan scheme with accurate static calculations taking into consideration capacity of bearing. A qualified builder for construction works is also indispensable.



Massage pools ( whirlpools ) are equipped with purification system, water heating system and various massage jets. Two to three water pumps of 1,5 to 3 HP are needed for operation of this equipment, usually in addition of one special air pump.

Usually Whirlpools are equipped with electronic control system, under-water lights, ozonic disinfection, etc.

Swimming - massage pool SWIM-TRIM

Swimming - massage pools SWIM-TRIM

Besides classical Whirlpools we offer also swimming-massage pools SWIM-TRIM. These pools are manufactured within our business association ROYAL DOLPHIN and combine both, qualities of classical Whirlpool and small swimming pool.

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