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Swimming – massage pools SWIM-TRIM

Swimming – massage pool SWIM-TRIMSwimming – massage pools SWIM-TRIM combine both, properties of classical Whirlpool and small swimming pool.

SWIM-TRIM pool has a counter current machine that allows you to swimm in place endlessly . Powerfull JET water system technology creates very strong counter current which allows you to swimm as long as you like regardless of the actual swimming pool length.

At the same time this swimming pool offers relaxation at the massage area. This area is equiped with special adjustable water-air jets and with 11 air injectors which create a feeling of a geyser with air bubbles.

In this way you can have combination of swimming and massage any time you like through the year out of a small swimming – massage pool that doesn't take up a lot of space.

Swimming – massage pools are very popular in big fitness centers all over the world and in rehabilitation centers to help injured persons to get better. Warm water and air massage is an excellent therapy for rheumatic and other diseases. Swimming is one of the best ways to relax, stay fit and in good condition and combat stress.

SWIM-TRIM swimming pool is an unique and inovative product of the ROYAL DOLPHIN group and is manufactured in Slovenija.

Delivery time is about 10 days.