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How to maintaine your swimming pool water?

Please visit the websites of the companies Stotinka d.o.o. and Titro d.o.o. where you will find detailed description of all the procedures for water treatment.

You will find detailed descriptions and instructions for more than 25 different products for pH level regulation, disinfection of the water, algaecids, products for swimming pool maintenance before after the season.

You will also find the detailed first aid with the description of most common problems you may face with your swimming pool, possible causes and a troubleshooting guide.

Swimming pool water treatment and disinfection products

The swimming pool water has to be always clean, colourless and hygienic. Drinking-water which we usually fill-in the pool with is suitable; but bathers and weathers bring debris and bacteria into the water. The water is an ideal place for bacteria to reproduce, especially at the water temperature between 20 and 30C.

We can easily remove bigger debris using suction cleaner and filter. Smaller invisible bacteria on the other hand have to be neutralized using special products for water treatment.

We offer top quality products for swimming pool water treatment of German manufacturer CHEMOFORM. Fifty years of tradition and research guarantee you to enjoy the water of your swimming pool with confidence.

It is self-understood that the packing is made in the way that doesn't allow the children to open it. All products are registered at the Ministry of Health of Republic of Slovenia.

Products for water treatment | Automatic water balancing

Water treatment products

At the swimming pool water treatment it is very important to add products into the water at regular succession. On this purpose we developed a special ABC method for adding the most important groups of products successively.

Groups of products are clearly evident at the package labels so that the dosage and use can always be safe and correct.

The groups ( and succession of adding ) are:

A - Balancing of pH level

B - Water disinfection with more options:

  • Chlorine disinfection
  • Bromate disinfection
  • Active Oxygene disinfection

C – Algae growth prevention

D – Flocculation – water turbidness prevention

E – Cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools

F –Specialties ( products for solving swimming pool water problems )

You will find detailed information on products for swimming pool water treatment and maintenance as well as descriptions of products at the websites of companies Stotinka d.o.o. and Titro d.o.o.

Automatic water regulation

Automatic water regulation devices are usually installed in the engine room and measure the quality of the water. Electronically controlled dosage pumps automatically add the necessary quantities of water treatment products into the water.

By using such device we can regulate the quantity of chlorine residues and pH level ( alkalinity ) of the water.

Also we can keep the water clear by adding special product ( flocculant ) and by automatic supplying of necessary quantity of algaecid.

Automatic device is taking care of your swimming pool water to be always clean and safe. You will only occasionally have to add some products to prevent calcium and iron residues at the swimming pool walls.

Automatic device GUARDIAN

GUARDIAN is a very good automatic water regulation device intended for private swimming pools. It measures pH level and Redox signal, controls the dosage of liquid products for swimming pool water treatment and maintains the quality of the water (see the photo ).

Top quality disinfection system HYPOTAB 20

HYPOTAB 20 is the newest device for swimming pool water sanitizing (complies with DIN Standard) intended for private and public swimming pools. It is using Chlorine tablets of 20 g.

HYPOTAB 20 automatically regulates pH level of the water, controls the dosage of Chlorine solution on the basis of measurement of Chlorine residues and controls the dosage of Flocculant (see the photo ).